Freqently Asked Questions

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Why didn't I receive a registration code in my inbox?

This is another common issue we've heard members mention. First, check your junk mail, "social" and "Promotions" tab (if using Gmail). If you don't find a message from Imago Admin, go back to the previous screen inside the app to make sure you entered the correct email address. If correct, try pressing "Resend code" below the validation code field. Please note that we do not recommend using your company email address to register on Imago. Companies may set some filtering rules that could prevent your Imago validation code from making it to your inbox.

Why is the registration process a little slow?

When you submit your recorded live photo, and other pictures, it takes a little time for all this information to be processed. Although with a new fonctionality like the "live photo" come new chanllenges, we are doing everything possible to make this process much faster.

Why do you need my email?

Your email is needed for the purpose of sending you a validation code. This helps us keep spam and bots away. We do not sell your email under any circumstances.